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the panda tragedy.what killed the 3 & 3
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3 -3 we are following breaking nnws five eeple are confirmee deed 3 and several others injured... after an early morning house ffre in northeast baltimore. baltimore.right now... crews home... making ssre there gilliland ii live oo the scene witt aalook at hat has bbcome good morning guys, 3
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3 irrt on fox... mother is outraaed... after findiig out city police officer won't face criminal chaages...
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covering up her dauuhter's ssoo the mother of 13-year-old disbelief that therr won't be charges against ooficer john ward... who's ccnnected to monaees murdee case. in &pstatement released tuesday... prosecutors say there's &pinsufficient evidence to file charges aaainst ward. (ms. urnageemonae's mother) "and how do they expect for me to feel bout my daughter.. that's innane, it's very pnsann... took her llfe freely. and everyyody get off, everybbdyywalk free. what kind of stuff is that!!" that!?"ward... who's out of the eastern disttict... was under inveesigation ffllowing ooffcer was suspended when police found tte gun that killed the girl in the trunk of ward's prssnnl car. today... aa olice internal &paffairs investigation into a 16 year old hhgh school student is dead and her family wants your help oofind her kil. found innthe middle of a was - ssteet, sunday niiht.the teen was shot in the hhad, but
5:37 am to harrrd's body was hhr urse, cell phoneeand money. now, 122 finding the teen's iller. d" a dettctiies haveebeen outt i their presence known. 33&here in maryland....gun deat are becominn more common than pcccrdiig to new datt... by theeviolence oliiyycenter..t finds that in 2010.. gun deaths in maryland, dc aad virginia outpaaed motor vehicle deathss.. by about 12-hundred to 15-hundded. in maryland aaooe... there were 5-hundree-38 firearm wwre homiiides. that same yeaa... there were 5- pundred--4 motor vehicle deaths. &pdeaths.nationally... fatal ca crashes still outnumbee gun deaths by a differenne of a 9th case of meningitii is conffrmee innmarylandd mmryland.nntioowide, the number of people sickened by a now reached 135... including dozen deaths... onn here in
5:38 am ooficcals say have been exposed to fungal &pmeningitis through tainted steeoid injjctions.the medicatioo, used to treat baak pn 23 states. ical faciliiies - todaaythe national zoo will hold a news onference... too revval what killed a 6-day-old sincc zzo workers didn't know that the cub had liier eeals -3- pbbormalittes and fluid innits two construction orkers are dead, ne is critically iinured aad another is stilll mmssinn ... aftee aa parking happpnee at the iami -dade coomunity college .theeroof of the five story arage.... thaa was under consttuction, fell all together.the campus was ed evacuated... and closed for the rest of the investigation is now underwwy collapse. a woman getssso frustrated sets it on fire.take a look at thhi surveillance video....
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43-year-old deera johnson is seen kiccing the maahine after her mooey back.moments later... she lights the fire... then graas a drinn from a different machine... and walks away.johnson was facing felonyycharges.she told a judge... sse doesn'' need a lawyer. (last sot) "i'll repreeent myself, 'cause i'm guilty. i don't need a lawyer to lii for me,,cause i'mma tell you i done it." joonson has several other misdemmanors on errrecord... datinn backkto 19-89. the lasttrrturnableecoke bottle... is rolled off he conveyer belt.a small bottling says it's ending productionnof the 6 ppinn 5 ounce bottlee... which people could the companyyhas been refilling them sincc 1932...but says... it noolonger makes business sense to do so. the pompany refilled about 6- thousand bottles for the final run... those will beesoll online for 0 dollarss each starting monday .. with proceeds goinggto charity tossing out medicationssas
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&psoon as hey expiree.might no be the best thing. thing..ew research out of the are sttll potent 40 years ugs phe study's author says ... if pro-llnged... it ould saaee a yearrbut beefre you dig phroogh yourrmedicine pabbnet... researchers warn.. unopenened for all those stored in different conditions a computer breach in florida... is putting as manyy as 200-thousanddcurrent and foomer college ssuddnts at theft.the incident happened at least 50 employees there have reeorted issues with identity tteft..t's system was reached. the ooioles were tto outs away inssead,,some late heroics by
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theeyankees leave the oos on &ptheebrink of elimination. tied aa one in the 5th when rookie anny mmchado cranks this homeerun tt deep left centee field. p his first playoff home run looks to be yankkes pinch hit for a-rod in the 9th innnng, and raul ibanez comessthrough with a game tyyng omeerun aaainst &pstay that way until the 122h... when ibanez is up again ....and does it again!!! tths homer wins t! had won 16 straight extra inning gamms... but nnw thee are one loss away from the seasoo being over. -afterwards... buck showalter spoke to the press 22:34:27:15 "how big is the no knot i my stomach. why not? - am that what i'm supposed to
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thiiking is? no we don't live impressed with ouu guys game in ough situation and tomorrow."tonnght's game &pstartssat 7:37. poming up on the early on the internet. internettthe psychological peasons why manyypeople log on... and lie.
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reccrd corr prices are leading cattle ffrmers to buy n unexpected alternative to feed
5:45 am turns out... andy substiiute.many farmers are .- choosinggto feed theirrcows sweets likk chocolate bars, s. experts ay the practice is's been going on for deccdes since ittcan keep &pposss low.some farmers report the sugar in thh candy seems to increase ilk production by three pounds per cow per day. ((2-shot toss tooweather)) 3&((ad lib meteerologist))
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3 ((traffii reporter ad ibs)) 3&pmmp 43-map-395-map-fiber
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3- 3
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3 to the yankees... ii extra inni. hhi the winning run. sooe people on the internet... may be pretendinn they have motivation bbhind their aaling actionn. ((break 2))
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inda ((break 2)) actions. ((break 2)) 3 pou probably know by can't believe everythhin phatts posted on social medda. linda schhidt tells us why people onnine who √°appear√°to life-threatening disease, may bb faking t. it. 3
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cooing up in our 6 o'clock hour... n early morning fiie claims several lives. lives.the ongoing cause... of the northhast
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baltimore blaze. 3&the orrooes loseeaa heartbreaker.the yankees player hoosealed the win foo his team... in extta innings. ((break 3)) &p kw@ barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know:
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if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. coming up in our 6 o'clock
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pour... the vice presidentiil candidates... prrparr to go aa . it.the topics joo biden and paul ryan are expected to tackll... in their one and only debate.
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